Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Gymnastics Competition Scores!

Hey guys! I had a great gymnastics meet yesterday! the Blues and BBQ invitational!
Here were my scores and places, (by the way, they only announced seven places, even though there were eleven people in my group, so I didn't place in everything, and I'm in level 5)
Vault: 8.150 out of 10.00.
Place: 7th out of 7 (I'm actually just happy I placed at all so I really didn't mind getting last:-)

Bars: 6.900 out of 10.00 (I'd say bars is my weakest event so I didn't do too well on it plus it was my first six EVER)
Place: 9th, (they still told me my place even though I didn't get on the podium)

Beam: 9.100 out of 10.00 (wow! first nine in level 5! yay!)
Place: 2nd! (woooohoooo!)

Floor: 8.200, (best floor score in level 5)
Place: 9th (still not on the podium)

All-Around: 32.350 (all my scores combined together,)
Place: 8th,

so yeah! all over a pretty good meet! especially on beam!
(by the way, I'm writing vignettes about the WOJ stamps, like what they would be like it they were people, I'll have my first one up later tomorrow!

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  1. Great job, Greta! So proud you you--that beam routine was AWESOME!! M. :-)